Meet the Team

Joe Ehrman, Co-founder, CEO

In late 2009 Joe Ehrman along with Sam Zeldes, saw an opportunity to acquire a small mom and pop vitamin manufacturer with 12 employees. Under Joe’s leadership the company has transformed into a highly efficient nationally recognized Nutraceutical manufacturing facility. Under Joe’s leadership, ANS now has over 125 proud employees. He takes great pride in the employee’s success at ANS.

Joe was also instrumental in ANS obtaining the UL, cGMP, Kosher and various certifications that make it one of the most reliable and trusted  dietary supplement contract manufactures in the industry today.

Sam Zeldes, Co-founder, President

Sam, together with Joseph Ehrman, is one of the founders and Principals owners of ANS Nutrition and serves as President of ANS Nutrition. As president of ANS, Sam is responsible for the company’s strategy and corporate operations. His responsibilities include developing the company’s growth and productivity initiatives, forming new business and industrial partnerships, overseeing international affairs, enhancing ANS’s local presence and providing global functional support.

Prior to establishing ANS, Mr. Zeldes was a well-established independent real estate investor in the tri-state area. Mr. Zeldes has extensive management experience and is well-known in the business community for his ability to bring people together and form professional relationships.


David Murik, Senior Account Manager

David has been in sales/account management his entire working career. David takes great pride in his ability to develop a great understanding of each individual client’s and particular needs. He uses that information to set things up in a way that allows for those needs to be met on a consistent and ongoing basis. David joined the ANS sales team in 2013 and continues to be an asset to all the accounts he handles. David also prides himself on the fact that his accounts have tremendous business growth since becoming involved with David and ANS. David’s motto is “treat each account as if it were your own business”. That kind of attitude, energy and responsibility reflects in all aspects of his business relationships.

Steve Schwartz, Senior Account Manager

Steve has been in the sales industry for most of his working career. With his decades of sales experience, Steve decided to join the ANS sales team in 2013. Steve continues to provide top notch service to every account that he handles. He always places his clients first and foremost, while providing a high level of service. He lives by one of his favorite quotes “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people to get what they want” (Zig Zigler)

Fred Lopez, Senior Account Manager

Fred has been in business development since the early 90’s starting with Ricoh Corporation. Cultivating all types of companies from the small business to the Fortune 500. His journey included very high-level recruitment in the healthcare industries with companies like Horizon Blue Cross and Cigna. This combination of business and personal growth into Nutraceutical’s has made him successful for many years. His knowledge in this field has serviced many and continues to do so.

Marcus Ganz, Senior Account Manager

Since Marcu’s joined the ANS sales team in  2015 he goal has been to establish new relationships helping our company grow to the next level. His friendly, outgoing and eager to learn personality, makes for an ideal partner to connect to your projects. Marcus is there for the initial start of your project until your product is ships, and he will ensure that all your requirements are fulfilled. His commitment and attention to detail makes him an asset tour team.

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